Clinics We Offer

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Dr Gossow is a qualified acupuncturist. Acupuncture has been proven to be beneficial in a number of conditions e.g. chronic pain. Please arrange an appointment with your usual GP to discuss. If you are eligible you will be added to a list and an appointment will be sent out to you.

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Antenatal and Postnatal Care

We have a midwife attached to our practice who carries out weekly clinics and makes home visits as appropriate. Should you think that you are pregnant then please confirm this either by home testing or by leaving in a sample of your early morning urine in a white topped urine bottle to be sent to the lab. You will need to make an appointment at early bird clinic (01642 776030). An appointment can also be arranged with the midwife by contacting the surgery. Please note that if you have any chronic illness such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, Depression or Hypertension or are taking regular medications of any sort, that it is very important that you make an appointment with the Doctor prior to conception. Pre-conceptual counselling is important and your condition needs to be managed carefully. Medication may also need to be altered to avoid any potential harm to your baby.
For more detailed information and advice please click the link.

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Cervical Smear Screening

Cervical Screening is currently advised for all women aged 25- 64. From aged 25-49 the invitation will be 3 yearly and from aged 50- 64 it is 5 yearly. Screening is only offered after the age of 65 to those who have not been screened since age 50 or who have had recent abnormal tests. Should you have any anxieties or concerns around screening then please discuss these with your doctor or nurse. For more information please click   

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Childhood Immunisations and Child Health Surveillance

We offer weekly clinics providing immunisations as part of the national immunisation programme. Your child will be called to the surgery when these are due. The complete immunisation schedule can be viewed at

Should you have any routine concerns about your child’s health (e.g. sleeping or feeding difficulties) or development during their early years then often the Health Visitor will be the first person you may want to contact. She will refer you onto the GP or other appropriate service if needed. For any urgent problems then please make contact with the surgery as usual for an appointment.

Our local health visiting service is based at:

Dormanstown Children’s Centre, South Avenue, Dormanstown, Redcar TS10 5LL

01642 473726

Open 08.30 – 5 Monday – Thursday, 08.30 – 4.30 Friday


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We have in house counsellors who our GP’s can refer you to should you require their service. Please see links below for self help and self referral within the area.

Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations are recommended annually for all patients over the age of 65 and people with certain chronic conditions. As these criteria change on an annual basis please see the NHS immunisation website for up to date details.

Pneumococcal Vaccination is a single vaccine that is also offered to certain patients with chronic diseases and over 65 year olds.

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Healthy Heart Checks

We offer Healthy Heart Checks to our patients aged 40 to 74 who do not already have any evidence of cardiovascular disease. You will normally be called for your check by letter  but you are welcome to make an appointment without an invite if you are eligible. You will be asked to have a fasting blood test and then make an appointment to see one of the nurses. Please note that if you already suffer from a chronic illness (e.g. Hypertension) then you will not be eligible for a Health Heart Check and  will be reviewed annually.

The assessment will be carried out with your usual annual review. If you are outside of this age group and have specific concerns about your heart or your family history then please make an appointment with the doctor to discuss your concerns.

The purpose of this check is to look at ways of preventing cardiovascular diseases (heart attacks, strokes, transient ischemic attacks, peripheral vascular disease) for further information please click

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Minor Surgery, Joint Injections and Cryotherapy

A number of our doctors carry out these procedures. Please make an appointment with the doctor of your choice and an appointment will be made, if clinically appropriate, for the procedure.

Please note in some cases that you may need to be referred to secondary care services.

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Near Patient Testing

Some medications prescribed in secondary care require close monitoring of bloods and protocols have been agreed for shared care between the GP and the Consultant. If you are on one of these medications you will be informed by your Consultant and you will be advised when to attend the surgery for tests. It is very important that you attend at the arranged times and telephone promptly for the results.

Should you have any questions regarding this service then please make an appointment with your doctor.

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Warfarin Initiation and Monitoring

Some patients will require warfarin medication to prevent strokes or clots forming. This medication requires close monitoring and you will be required to have regular blood tests.

It is the patient’s responsibility to take the medication as directed and to book for tests at the advised times.

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Weight Management

In the best interests of your long term health, it is advisable to maintain a healthy weight with a BMI below 25 .In order to calculate your BMI please use this online calculator.

If you would like support and advice, then please book in with one of the nurses for an appointment. Please click this link for further information on BMI and weight loss.