Non NHS Services

Private Work Fees

The NHS provides free health care for most people.

It is important to understand that GPs are self employed and not all of the services we provide are covered by the NHS payments to the practice.

Please expect a fee for non NHS services. The staff or your doctor should inform of any charges before carrying out non NHS work.

We also offer private medicals which may be needed by any agency.  Please contact the Office  Manager for further details. 

GP Letter / Medical Certificates

For all other private administration requests such as GP letters, private medical certificates, insurance reports etc please submit an online request, this will be reviewed by the admin team who will then contact you regarding a price for completion of the work.

Please note the following information before submitting your request to the admin team:

  • We require payment in advance of completion of the request.
  • Requests may take up to 6-8weeks to complete.
  • Prices may vary depending on the complexity of the report.
  • It is up to the GPs to decide if they can complete private work, we are not obliged to accept your request.